Drew Carey

On of the best shows to ever hit the air waves, as far as I’m concerning was “Whose Line Is It Anyway” it is such a shame that it didn’t last longer and I’m glad to see that some of the re runs are back up and running for us die hard fans to enjoy from time to time.

I just saw Drew Carey (who is a big shit in the comedy world) on  the other evening, The Price Is Right, which I found he is the new host for and I noticed that this awesome comedian has lost an incredible fucking amount of weight (77 lbs.) these past few years, I remember thinking that I’m hoping that he is losing it in a healthy way and not from some type of serious illness. Then lo and behold I stumbled onto a site that was talking about Drew Carey and his the secrets behind his weight loss that I found interesting and reassuring to read, entitled “No More Mr. Fat Guy” if you are a Drew Carey fan and get a chance to read this article I would urge you to read it.

I didn’t know that he was a Marine and I found out several other things that I didn’t know about my all time favorite comedian. Never thought that he would end up the host of a day time game show. I’m glad to know that he plans on staying around for us to enjoy for many years to come. Now if only he could get “Whose Line Is It Anyway” back on the air.