Same Old Shit

Can you believe that there are over 65 million males right now that are addicted to pornography, at least that is what I heard on the radio this morning on my way in to work. I have gotten very tired of listening to the same shit on all the music radio stations, so I decided to start listening to some or our local talk shows and it has been very interesting and entertaining, to say the least. What with the up and coming election coming up in just a few short months there is a ton of stories that are being aired that are full of scandals and lies.

I stumbled on a talk show in mid stream that really caught my attention and ended up listening to only to discover that it is a Christian radio station, which is something that I have never had any interest in listening to before, I can tell you that. Most of what I have had the chance to listen to there has been all about the election so I have a feeling that when all that bull shit is done and over with I’ll not be as interested in a lot of what they will be discussing, but I’ll still check out and see, what the fuck.

The girlfriend

Okay, so I didn’t take her out for dinner or anything for Valentines day. Instead I bought her a massively expensive stereo system for her car that she has been drooling over. She has always wanted and Alpine stereo system and speakers for her car. When she was growing up her brothers had these in their cars ans swore by them, so┬ánaturally that is what she wants. Personally, I prefer Bose, but that is okay because the Alpine was a little cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, I would have bought it if that is what she wanted, but she didn’t.

Anyway, I borrowed her car while she was at work and left her mine. I gave her some crazy story about it not running well and I had to go to the Auto parts store for something. I had already set up for the guys to install it in record time, instead of leaving it over night. I wanted to surprise her of course. Boy was she surprised. I gave her the keys and slid in the passenger side on the pretext of talking to her. When she started the car the stereo was turned up loud and she had to turn it down. The look on her face was priceless. A total success.