Facebook = Divorce

You just can’t get away hearing all the bad things that come along with using the ever popular social network Facebook. I know that I have had a few people get totally pissed off at me and “unfriended” which at first really did hurt my feelings, then I got angry about the whole deal and now I’m just totally fucking over it. If they know me well enough to be a “friend” on Facebook then they should know me better than take some of the things that I post on there in a bad or negative way. That’s just not my personality.

It’s being said that divorce attorneys all over the country (possibly the world, but I’m not totally sure about that) are saying that they are seeing a huge increase of divorce cases that have come about because of things said and found on Facebook. I tend to believe this since I know myself of two marriages that have ended because of what Facebook brings about. Why the fuck anyone would put some of things that they do on Facebook is beyond me. I’m a firm believer that you don’t put anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t have written on a large fucking billboard right in front of your home.