Working on my truck

I have decided to do a little work on my truck. This truck is for fun only, not for back and forth to work and shit. I want to take it out to the mud hole, but until I finish all the upgrades, it sits in the back yard. I can drive it, don’t get me wrong, but I am making it a off road only truck. That requires a lot of time and money. Well, time I have, but the money part I pretty much do a little at a time. I have taken the engine apart and rebuilt it completely and now I am working on the suspension and lift.

This is the most expensive part, because a good lift and suspension can cost a pretty penny if you want a really good one and I do. I intend for this to be a monster truck eventually, complete with monster fucking tires. Big Foot and Grave Digger are my inspirations. I grew up watching them on TV and every event I could get to. I went to a lot of them. I am hoping that my truck will be done by the end of summer. That is when all of the major mud fests are and I would love to compete.