Cooking Up a Big Pot of Chili

Yesterday was all about cold weather, football, and yard work. I got the yard work out of the way early, threw some meet and tomatoes and spices into the crock pot to make chili, and then settled my fat ass on the couch for the football games.

One of my favorite comfort foods is chili and I like cooking up a big pot of chili on the weekends, with leftovers for a dinner and maybe a lunch later in the week. Chili is one of the things that tastes better the next day anyway. I have a lot of different recipes for chili, most of them change up according to the meat you use, and the other big variation is the kind of beans that you put in there.

This weekend I went for the big chunks of beef stew meat and added just red kidney beans to the chili. I like big chunks of stewed tomatoes and chopped onions in with the chunks of beef. But then I like to thicken the sauce with masa and have it be like a spicy gravy texture.

The other chili that I like is using ground beef, a can of RoTel and pinto beans. That makes a great chili, too. There are different flavors of RoTel – I like the one that says “chili ready.” That’s got some damn good spices in it already and I just add a little more heat to taste.