Commuter Hell

One thing this area is woefully lacking is high speed commuter trains, subway or monorail service to downtown. In fact, in the past of the lack of commuter services is why so many high profile companies are choosing to locate south of the city, in the Cool Springs area, instead of downtown. Cool Springs has a variety of restaurants and fast food options for the thousands of those suit and tie wearing cocksuckers who report to the high rise offices each day. There is plenty of free parking for all, and there are many back roads and surface roads to give people alternate ways to drive in to work each morning when if the Interstate gets jammed up.

Personally, I would like to see a monorail built from Franklin to the Airport, with a spur to the downtown and uptown districts and a spur to the East ending just past Lebanon. The monorails could be built in the middle or alongside most of the existing highways and would be a fast, easy as shit commute, a fast and easy way to access the airport for the tens of thousands of executives and corporate people who need to fly. Worst case, the least they could do is add a few more trains to the existing tracks and help with the highway congestion each morning. But that is not the real answer to our area’s transit issues. We can talk about that another time. I’ll have to a bit of research and see some numbers before saying anything.

Working on my truck

I have decided to do a little work on my truck. This truck is for fun only, not for back and forth to work and shit. I want to take it out to the mud hole, but until I finish all the upgrades, it sits in the back yard. I can drive it, don’t get me wrong, but I am making it a off road only truck. That requires a lot of time and money. Well, time I have, but the money part I pretty much do a little at a time. I have taken the engine apart and rebuilt it completely and now I am working on the suspension and lift.

This is the most expensive part, because a good lift and suspension can cost a pretty penny if you want a really good one and I do. I intend for this to be a monster truck eventually, complete with monster fucking tires. Big Foot and Grave Digger are my inspirations. I grew up watching them on TV and every event I could get to. I went to a lot of them. I am hoping that my truck will be done by the end of summer. That is when all of the major mud fests are and I would love to compete.