Gator tail

I just had some alligator tail. This shit is fucking awesome. My buddy Ed just got back from Florida. He took his family there for vacation during spring break and while they were there, he tried the Gator tail. He loved it so much he called me to tell me about it. I told him to bring some home with him and he did. He also got the recipe from the place he ate it at and when he got home, his wife invited me over for dinner. This shit was amazing.

I am going to order some and have it shipped here to my house, so I can make some too. I might invite my parents over for dinner to try it. They were like chicken nuggets, only they were breaded and then deep fried. It was really tender and so tasty. The place my buddy tried it is called Coopertown. They apparently have a restaurant and airboat rides. I will have to visit there if I ever go to Florida. It is somewhere out in the Everglades outside of Miami. I wouldn’t mind going to Miami at all, especially South Beach and the Keys. I have been to Orlando before, but not any further south then that.