Looking for a better new year

I can’t wait till this year is done and over with! I’ve made it through the year, taking care of little things and managing to keep food on the table, but it has not been a year of prosperity by any means. Next year has got to be better!
I need to start saving some money and getting more investments going. So far I have been investing in education, learning everything from php and css to massage therapy. An investment in education is one of the best, but I need to start earning more money, papa needs a new pair of shoes!

My new rollers

Decided to add a couple more friends to my blogroll I figure everyone that reads my horrible blog would be interested in reading these great blogs so i added them to my blog roll so you can find them easily. They are about the same topics my blog is but better written and more up to date with information than mine, and they are who I read when I get a chance so I figured you the reader might want to check them out and give them a good read because as we all know the best information is on Page 2 or Page 3 or Page 4 and not just the homepage of a weblog. Anyways I am off to do some cooking and cleaning write to you all real soon.