Redbox is the fucking best. They are cheap and I can get my movies in Blu-Ray or regular DVD. Since it is only me here, I only need to keep the movie one day anyway and they always have the best and newest titles. I rented Thor last week and fucking loved it. I cannot wait for Avengers to come out. It has an all star cast, with Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and many others. It is going to be one of the best movies of the year, I know it. There are also a couple of other movies I am impatiently waiting on to come out and I just found out that they are about to start production on Fast and Furious six.

I wonder how many they will make. I am not sure this one will do as well as the previous ones though, but you never can tell. Car enthusiasts will of course love it, especially the younger generations. If it is fast and illegal they are going to pay to see it. I am not sure what exactly that says about our society, but it doesn’t sound good. Oh well, I am not worrying about society today.

Jumped on the band wagon

I am officially jumping on the band wagon. I bought a Kindle Fire yesterday. I know that as a guy I am unusual in that I love to fucking read. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. So, I decided to buy the latest toy for reading. I can download tons of books and not clutter up my house and shelves. My sister also pointed out that I am saving lots of trees from destruction by buying the Kindle. Okay, well I will go with that, but it wasn’t my first reason for buying it. I really just didn’t have any room to put the books I buy in my house anymore.

All of my shelves are packed full. As a matter of fact, I am taking them to donate to Goodwill for others to enjoy. I have a really nice collection of books too. I will probably get rid of the paperback ones first and hold on to the hard cover ones as they are worth more money. I want to get a couple of them signed by the authors if they ever come to town for book signings. Especially my Clive Cussler’s. He is my favorite author after all.


Nascar has officially begun and I am so happy. I love cars and racing of any sort. I go to the drag strip as often as I can to see those as well. There is also a derby near my house that is a lot of fun too. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it has a motor and you can race it, I love it ! Speed is the ultimate high in my opinion. I am building a fast drag car little by little and I hope to be able to take it to the track by next year. In the mean time I will spend this Nascar season glued to the Tv on Sundays watching the races.

I am lucky in that I have an amazing big screen TV to watch it on, with Surround Sound that rocks! It will literally make you feel as if you were there. You can feel the rumble of the engines through the speakers, it sounds so good. That is awesome in my opinion. I love my tech gadgets and electronics. There are so many that are so fun to play with. I will never stop upgrading my  equipment ever. Have an awesome day.

The girlfriend

Okay, so I didn’t take her out for dinner or anything for Valentines day. Instead I bought her a massively expensive stereo system for her car that she has been drooling over. She has always wanted and Alpine stereo system and speakers for her car. When she was growing up her brothers had these in their cars ans swore by them, so naturally that is what she wants. Personally, I prefer Bose, but that is okay because the Alpine was a little cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, I would have bought it if that is what she wanted, but she didn’t.

Anyway, I borrowed her car while she was at work and left her mine. I gave her some crazy story about it not running well and I had to go to the Auto parts store for something. I had already set up for the guys to install it in record time, instead of leaving it over night. I wanted to surprise her of course. Boy was she surprised. I gave her the keys and slid in the passenger side on the pretext of talking to her. When she started the car the stereo was turned up loud and she had to turn it down. The look on her face was priceless. A total success.

Walmart stops downloads

Read off the wire that Walmart has stopped allowing people to buy movies online and download then to a computer. The move to allow downloads was thought by many to be to be a huge stream of revenue for the retailer but I guess now is just not the time for movie videos on demand but there are still plenty of other companies doing this service so it is not the end for movies on demand.