Womens March Signs Were NOT Litter!

Have you seen the meme going around about how all those “nasty women” at the marches last weekend left piles of trash behind? That really pissed me off – it is not correct in the accusation and why the hell does anyone want to bash the women and suggest that the marches caused any trouble? Shame on the person who created that meme and shame on everyone who shares it and helps it spread. You can see the meme and the Snopes report on it here:

Women’s march meme

The Snopes report not entirely accurate, but it is an OK explanation. Any time you are going to gather a large crowd in DC and in most cities, you need a permit. Part of that process usually includes posting a bond and also paying fees for things like extra security, cleanup, parking, etc. Marchers were instructed as to where to leave their signs. The few trash receptacles along the major roads in DC are not meant to hold trash from major events like this. Most days they are filled with trash from just every day tourists.Event organizers pay for a cleanup detail to come pick it up. In DC, it is usually a great source of extra revenue for the National Parks Service.

In the case of the women’s march this past weekend, a faction of that group decided to leaved their posters along the sidewalk in front of the Trump hotel as a protest message. It was deliberate but was covered under the permitting for cleanup.
It wasn’t litter and trash just dropped where they stood like what happens during the 4th of July events or the inauguration. OMG looking at the national mall and sidewalks after those events are over is just totally disgusting. But when you have an impromptu memorial after a tragedy, like they did in Paris, where people bring cards, posters, candles and flowers and pile them in the street or in front of a building – no one calls that litter.

Heavy Fucking Duty Jumper Cables

My neighbor is so frustrated with his daughter that I would laugh with him but he’s not laughing. Knowing that her car’s battery was giving her trouble, she came to his house yesterday on her way to work to borrow his jumper cables.¬† He has nice tools and a nice, well-kept garage and workshop. I am sure that the jumper cables he loaned her cost at least $60. They were the heavy gauge, heavy fucking duty cables – not those cheap ass ones you get at Wal Mart for $10. So he loans the jumper cables to her, in case she has trouble after work getting the car to start. But when she comes out to the car after work, she finds that the jumper cables have been stolen from her car and she had to call a tow truck to come help her.Not real clear on how she paid for the tow job.

Now, I want to know why the cables were not in the car trunk, out of sight. You just don’t leave something valuable just fucking lying out on the car seat or out in the open in that part of town. You are just asking for trouble if you do that. Plus, a reasonable person would lock the car doors. It’s not my problem, but I think the girl or her “Piece Of Shit” boyfriend took the jumper cables to a pawn shop and pawned them. It would be just the thing that a cock sucker like him would pull And now she is over there trying to get her daddy to buy a new car battery for her car today. Like I said, it would be funny as shit, but it really isn’t. I feel so bad for my neighbor – he’s in a lose-lose situation no matter what he does.

Jumped on the band wagon

I am officially jumping on the band wagon. I bought a Kindle Fire yesterday. I know that as a guy I am unusual in that I love to fucking read. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. So, I decided to buy the latest toy for reading. I can download tons of books and not clutter up my house and shelves. My sister also pointed out that I am saving lots of trees from destruction by buying the Kindle. Okay, well I will go with that, but it wasn’t my first reason for buying it. I really just didn’t have any room to put the books I buy in my house anymore.

All of my shelves are packed full. As a matter of fact, I am taking them to donate to Goodwill for others to enjoy. I have a really nice collection of books too. I will probably get rid of the paperback ones first and hold on to the hard cover ones as they are worth more money. I want to get a couple of them signed by the authors if they ever come to town for book signings. Especially my Clive Cussler’s. He is my favorite author after all.

Such a waste

I think it is such a fucking waste the amount of money spent on political campaigns. It is really disgusting when there are people who are going hungry in our own country and the politicians spend so much money on a stupid campaign. if you want to impress me, donate ninety-nine percent of that money to feed the hungry here in America, then ask for my vote. The upper class rich should not be allowed to run for office, because they have no interest what so ever in doing anything real to help those who have less then they do. They care solely for themselves and the other one percent.

They pass laws that are not remotely what the people want, that benefit only them and no one else. If they had to live on social security, they wouldn’t threaten to take it away constantly. They don’t have to, because they made sure they didn’t have to. I believe that everyone of the politicians who voted for acts that were against the constitution should be charged with criminal violation of the¬†constitution and jailed. They are no better than common criminals and deserve to be treated as such. I am tired of watching this country go down hill because of self serving politicians.

Working on my truck

I have decided to do a little work on my truck. This truck is for fun only, not for back and forth to work and shit. I want to take it out to the mud hole, but until I finish all the upgrades, it sits in the back yard. I can drive it, don’t get me wrong, but I am making it a off road only truck. That requires a lot of time and money. Well, time I have, but the money part I pretty much do a little at a time. I have taken the engine apart and rebuilt it completely and now I am working on the suspension and lift.

This is the most expensive part, because a good lift and suspension can cost a pretty penny if you want a really good one and I do. I intend for this to be a monster truck eventually, complete with monster fucking tires. Big Foot and Grave Digger are my inspirations. I grew up watching them on TV and every event I could get to. I went to a lot of them. I am hoping that my truck will be done by the end of summer. That is when all of the major mud fests are and I would love to compete.