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Well after showing off my new high definition monitor and my new PC to my friends that came over for girls night I heard from Stephanie of all people say we could get a stripper live online on my new 40 inch monitor. After checking a couple of online adult directories and various search engines we came to a couple live sex chat web sites we ALL liked and so we put our credit card info in and instantly off came the clothes of any man we choose. After a couple of hours of humiliating most of the guys we saw at each site we racked up quite a bill but the time we had was priceless. I totally recommend visiting any of these two sex chat web sites

Love Doll Party

Had a great time cruising the streets in a limo with friends at one of my best friends Bachlorte party, I think my friend Stephanie covers the night on her blog but wanted to add in the moments I thiought were hot as well and wanted to shout out to Betty for having us all there and being such a great hostess.This was a night none of else will ever forget and I am sure with all the pictures and video that was shot that night I am sure some of us will always be reminded of or should I say teased about.My favorite moment of al time was when the blow up love doll flew out of the top of the limo and bounced off three cars, we quickly stopped the ride and retrieved our blow up man, then headed down the road to one of the best bars I have ever been in.It made the movie Coyote Uglys bar look like Rated G movie and with alot hotter bartenders if you ask me.After a couple of bottles  of wine and shots of some liquor we managed up enough courage to hit the dance floor for a couple hours then head back to the house.