Bike week in Daytona

I wish I was going to bike week this year. I have been before and had a fucking blast. I miss the biker bars and the constant sound of those hogs going down the road. The Iron Gate and the Dog House Saloon are two of my favorites. There is always something going on there, from bike shows and bikini contests, to charity events. These places are always jam packed and full of fun. The last time I went to bike week, I was single. Now that I have a girlfriend, I am sure it would be just as fun. I could enter the contests that require two people.

There is a hot dog joust. Well, really it is a catch kind of thing. The chick rides on the back of the bike and tries to catch the hot dog with her teeth as you ride under it. It is really funny. I know my girl would love to do the coleslaw wrestling as well. She is a lot of fun and down for just about anything. Maybe next year we will go, but if we are going to I guess I should start planning it now. The hotels are booked a year in advance for bike week. I had better get on it.


I can’t wait till Saturday. It is green beer and corned beef and cabbage day. Yup, that’s right St. Patty’s day is here again. I know that it seems like a silly holiday, but it is a lot of fun and I get to celebrate a part of my heritage. My family is Irish on my mothers side and Scottish on my fathers side. We are understandably stubborn, loud and jovial kind of people. St. Patty’s day in our family means a really big party. The women cook a lot of food and color the beer themselves.

We play stupid games and a lot of darts too. I don’t think I know one Irishman who can’t play darts. My favorite thing about it, is the toasts. We all have to come up with a good Irish toast and that is not as easy as it sounds. I am still working on a good one. They have to be completely original and that shit isn’t easy either. This is one of my favorite ones;

I drink to your health when I’m with you,
I drink to your health when I’m alone,
I drink to your health so often,
I’m starting to worry about my own!

Now that is fucking funny.


I am going to the movies tonight to see the new This Means War movie. It is supposed to be a fucking awesome flick. It is about two CIA operatives who are not only best friends but in love with the same girl. They decide to use all of their high tech stuff to win her over as they compete for her. She of course does not know that they even know one another. I know that this is going to be a good movie, full of action and probably laughs as well. Best friends competing for a girl is always funny on some level.

The only thing I am not looking forward to is the cost of going to the fucking theater. They have gotten ridiculously expensive. It’s bad enough that the door price has gone up, but the snacks are astronomical. Pop corn should not cost ten dollars for a damned bucket. Inflation has sky rocketed so badly that even the most simple shit has gotten unbelievably expensive. Oh well, I shouldn’t bitch about it too much, because at least I can afford it when not many people can now a days. I hope the girlfriend is ready on time tonight, because she is always running late.

Gator tail

I just had some alligator tail. This shit is fucking awesome. My buddy Ed just got back from Florida. He took his family there for vacation during spring break and while they were there, he tried the Gator tail. He loved it so much he called me to tell me about it. I told him to bring some home with him and he did. He also got the recipe from the place he ate it at and when he got home, his wife invited me over for dinner. This shit was amazing.

I am going to order some and have it shipped here to my house, so I can make some too. I might invite my parents over for dinner to try it. They were like chicken nuggets, only they were breaded and then deep fried. It was really tender and so tasty. The place my buddy tried it is called Coopertown. They apparently have a restaurant and airboat rides. I will have to visit there if I ever go to Florida. It is somewhere out in the Everglades outside of Miami. I wouldn’t mind going to Miami at all, especially South Beach and the Keys. I have been to Orlando before, but not any further south then that.