Cooking Up a Big Pot of Chili

Yesterday was all about cold weather, football, and yard work. I got the yard work out of the way early, threw some meet and tomatoes and spices into the crock pot to make chili, and then settled my fat ass on the couch for the football games.

One of my favorite comfort foods is chili and I like cooking up a big pot of chili on the weekends, with leftovers for a dinner and maybe a lunch later in the week. Chili is one of the things that tastes better the next day anyway. I have a lot of different recipes for chili, most of them change up according to the meat you use, and the other big variation is the kind of beans that you put in there.

This weekend I went for the big chunks of beef stew meat and added just red kidney beans to the chili. I like big chunks of stewed tomatoes and chopped onions in with the chunks of beef. But then I like to thicken the sauce with masa and have it be like a spicy gravy texture.

The other chili that I like is using ground beef, a can of RoTel and pinto beans. That makes a great chili, too. There are different flavors of RoTel – I like the one that says “chili ready.” That’s got some damn good spices in it already and I just add a little more heat to taste.

Commuter Hell

One thing this area is woefully lacking is high speed commuter trains, subway or monorail service to downtown. In fact, in the past of the lack of commuter services is why so many high profile companies are choosing to locate south of the city, in the Cool Springs area, instead of downtown. Cool Springs has a variety of restaurants and fast food options for the thousands of those suit and tie wearing cocksuckers who report to the high rise offices each day. There is plenty of free parking for all, and there are many back roads and surface roads to give people alternate ways to drive in to work each morning when if the Interstate gets jammed up.

Personally, I would like to see a monorail built from Franklin to the Airport, with a spur to the downtown and uptown districts and a spur to the East ending just past Lebanon. The monorails could be built in the middle or alongside most of the existing highways and would be a fast, easy as shit commute, a fast and easy way to access the airport for the tens of thousands of executives and corporate people who need to fly. Worst case, the least they could do is add a few more trains to the existing tracks and help with the highway congestion each morning. But that is not the real answer to our area’s transit issues. We can talk about that another time. I’ll have to a bit of research and see some numbers before saying anything.

Drew Carey

On of the best shows to ever hit the air waves, as far as I’m concerning was “Whose Line Is It Anyway” it is such a shame that it didn’t last longer and I’m glad to see that some of the re runs are back up and running for us die hard fans to enjoy from time to time.

I just saw Drew Carey (who is a big shit in the comedy world) on  the other evening, The Price Is Right, which I found he is the new host for and I noticed that this awesome comedian has lost an incredible fucking amount of weight (77 lbs.) these past few years, I remember thinking that I’m hoping that he is losing it in a healthy way and not from some type of serious illness. Then lo and behold I stumbled onto a site that was talking about Drew Carey and his the secrets behind his weight loss that I found interesting and reassuring to read, entitled “No More Mr. Fat Guy” if you are a Drew Carey fan and get a chance to read this article I would urge you to read it.

I didn’t know that he was a Marine and I found out several other things that I didn’t know about my all time favorite comedian. Never thought that he would end up the host of a day time game show. I’m glad to know that he plans on staying around for us to enjoy for many years to come. Now if only he could get “Whose Line Is It Anyway” back on the air.

My Grandparents

My grand father, my father’s father, was an avid gun collector and totally enjoyed showing off his, always changing, and always growing, selections of weapons that were constantly seemingly taking up a large amount of the garage, side & back porch, basement, dining room, living room and his office! The only place that you wouldn’t see something gun related was the bathroom and his bedroom, that, my grandmother insisted, was to be totally gun free. (Except for the 45 that was always within easy reach, and usually was under his pillow). One of my grandfather’s most memorable sayings was “Put the pillow under a lady and put the pistol under the pillow” I think of that old saying more often than I would have ever thought I would. As a kid growing up listening to this old man’s stories and sayings, you sort of tuned them out after awhile.

My miss my grand father and all of his stories, from “back in the day” he was something. He was in the Navy back in WWII and could swear better than any 15 year old ever could. The only word that my grand mother insisted that he didn’t use was fuck. But he was known to let the “F Bomb” fly whenever he thought that his beloved bride was out of ear shot. I only heard my grandmother swear one time in all the time that I spent with them. She dropped the pot roast as she was trying to get it out of the oven and I swear the sweet old lady said Shit, but no one had the balls to call her on it. It’s still a great story to tell when we get to talking about our late grandparents. God rest their souls!




Okay, I am fucking starving. I haven’t had much of an appetite lately, and it has taken it’s toll apparently. I have the most ginormous craving for steak and shrimp on the barby. I can see a trip to the Outback Steak House in my near future. As in tonight. I want a porterhouse steak, smothered in onions and some shrimp on the barby as an appetizer. The only problem, is that the Outback is always packed and I would prefer not to be rushed through my meal because they have a line outside.

That is really annoying actually. I suppose I could eat in the bar portion of the restaurant so I don’t have to hurry, but then I have to deal with the smokers while I am eating and that I do not want to do. It is a damned if I do and damned if I don’t situation. No matter though, I know that I am going to end up there anyway, so why complain about it. I want my steak and eat it too as they say. Well, they usually say that about cake, but whatever works right? Anyway, if anyone wants to join me tonight, give me a holler. Later gators.