Hell yea!

I fucking love it. My boy Dale Earnhardt Jr. came in second at this weekends races. I am hoping for a win soon. He has consistently remained in the top ten, usually the top five, throughout the season so far. In points he is number two, right behind Greg Biffle. You have no idea how happy that makes me. He is definitely a fighter and is determined to win big. I am much happier this year with his pit crew and chief. They still need to work a few things out, but they are doing much better than last year.

I got tired of them running out of gas on the last lap last year. I can’t count how many races they could have actually won had they planned better gas wise. It’s irritating to see that over and over again, but not this year. They are just flat on it. His daddy would be very proud of him if he was still alive. I know that he is proud of him where ever he is, watching down on him. I really miss Dale Sr. though. I know that Nascar lost a living legend when that man died, but his son is carrying on tradition and racing with his fathers determination and style.

Working on my truck

I have decided to do a little work on my truck. This truck is for fun only, not for back and forth to work and shit. I want to take it out to the mud hole, but until I finish all the upgrades, it sits in the back yard. I can drive it, don’t get me wrong, but I am making it a off road only truck. That requires a lot of time and money. Well, time I have, but the money part I pretty much do a little at a time. I have taken the engine apart and rebuilt it completely and now I am working on the suspension and lift.

This is the most expensive part, because a good lift and suspension can cost a pretty penny if you want a really good one and I do. I intend for this to be a monster truck eventually, complete with monster fucking tires. Big Foot and Grave Digger are my inspirations. I grew up watching them on TV and every event I could get to. I went to a lot of them. I am hoping that my truck will be done by the end of summer. That is when all of the major mud fests are and I would love to compete.