Redbox is the fucking best. They are cheap and I can get my movies in Blu-Ray or regular DVD. Since it is only me here, I only need to keep the movie one day anyway and they always have the best and newest titles. I rented Thor last week and fucking loved it. I cannot wait for Avengers to come out. It has an all star cast, with Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and many others. It is going to be one of the best movies of the year, I know it. There are also a couple of other movies I am impatiently waiting on to come out and I just found out that they are about to start production on Fast and Furious six.

I wonder how many they will make. I am not sure this one will do as well as the previous ones though, but you never can tell. Car enthusiasts will of course love it, especially the younger generations. If it is fast and illegal they are going to pay to see it. I am not sure what exactly that says about our society, but it doesn’t sound good. Oh well, I am not worrying about society today.

Blu-ray leads HD DVD sales

Came accross an article stating Blu-ray leads HD DVD in movie disc sales so far this year , and largly due to the amount of new Play Station 3s that have been sold. Should be interesting to see what format wins the hearts and minds of the consumers, and even with this first report I still believe high definition video discs will win in the end. I just think so many people are alright with watching dvds still and it will be several years before everyone buys a next generation televeion and player and who know by that time downloading video might be the way everyone chooses to watch films at home.

High Defintion or Blu ray movies

Alot has been said about the upcoming format battle and what will decide the winner of this grudge match. Well I decided to weigh in a the subject and hear is what I think. High Definition was the first to hit the market and besides the discs being called HD alot of other entertainment is being offered in high definition like televisions and radio. I think it is only a matter of time before we see a video player that play movies both formats and discs that can be played in either players but the fact remains you will never hear of blu ray radio or blu ray television which makes me think that everyone will have HD on thier minds when shopping for digital entertainment for years to come. And with the adult industry pushing the high definition format as the standard format of choice for the next generation of adult dvds. It is only a matter of time when just like the beta max format of before, the blu ray format will be just a thing in the past that we compare the next losing format to.

Laser Shortage to Stall High-Def Disc War?

Laser Shortage to Stall High-Def Disc War?

DigiTimes reports that several major vendors, including Sony and Matsushita, have suspended shipments of the blue laser diodes that drive both high-def disc formats. The rumored laser shortage could result in shipment delays for new models of Blu-ray and HD DVD players and drives past the upcoming holiday season, cooling the next-gen DVD format war until 2007.
Well what kind of person will you be a HD DVD person or a Blu-ray person when the formats hit shelves early next years? Or will you be one of teh lucky ones to have both. And ofcourse what are you watching it on Plasma or Projection?