Get A Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list. This is a list of things you want to do, experience or accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” I have a few things in mind for my list, but i don’t actually have a bucket list yet. Maybe that would be good to start here on a page and then I can add to it easily when I get an idea of something new to do. Once of the first things on my own list would be to go skydiving. I have always wanted to jump out of an airplane with a parachute and experience a free fall.

No IPhone

Well the IPhone has been released and I , yours truley still has no IPhone and I am very very mad and upset that no one donated the money for me to get one. No I am just joking I went and picked one up today and will be playing with it and surfing the web with it for awhile, right now I am doing this post onit and doing it with ease, Yea Baby!!

IPhone envy

Seems like everyone in the World wants to get there hands on an IPhone me being one of them. It looks very cool and does alot of great features, ubt I may decide to hold off a year on getting one and hope they make a better and faster connecting model and ofcourse cheaper would be nicer as well. but if someone out there wants to buy me anIPhone then please do so by donating some money.

Blu-ray leads HD DVD sales

Came accross an article stating Blu-ray leads HD DVD in movie disc sales so far this year , and largly due to the amount of new Play Station 3s that have been sold. Should be interesting to see what format wins the hearts and minds of the consumers, and even with this first report I still believe high definition video discs will win in the end. I just think so many people are alright with watching dvds still and it will be several years before everyone buys a next generation televeion and player and who know by that time downloading video might be the way everyone chooses to watch films at home.