Chat Naked if you Dare

Last night I got online and found myself a chat room. It was amazing and I had a blast. I think the best part was when one lade suggested we all get naked and spend the rest of our chat time without any clothes. Everyone claimed to have done that – I sure did. If anyone lied about it and didn’t really get naked, then they just cheated themselves out of a fun time.

Most of the time when I chat online I expect everyone to be telling the truth, but deep down I know a certain percentage of them are not really being truthful. So I don’t get too involved or too upset with people over what they say in chat. If I took it too seriously, it would spoil the fun.

Actually did meet a lady in real life that I came across in chat. She does not live in this city, so I was not worried about things getting crazy. I had to go out of town for a weekend and I knew she lived there, so I asked her out for a drink. She agreed to meet me and we had a nice time. There was no really chemistry between and we didn’t exchange phone numbers or make a second date. I have to admit it was the first time I had ever met anyone from an online connection and I wanted to be cautious. I’m sure she felt the same way.

It was a good experience, even though it didn’t lead to anything more than a few drinks in a bar. At least I had some fun with a pretty lady while I was out of town, and it gave me the confidence to try it again sometime.


My Grandparents

My grand father, my father’s father, was an avid gun collector and totally enjoyed showing off his, always changing, and always growing, selections of weapons that were constantly seemingly taking up a large amount of the garage, side & back porch, basement, dining room, living room and his office! The only place that you wouldn’t see something gun related was the bathroom and his bedroom, that, my grandmother insisted, was to be totally gun free. (Except for the 45 that was always within easy reach, and usually was under his pillow). One of my grandfather’s most memorable sayings was “Put the pillow under a lady and put the pistol under the pillow” I think of that old saying more often than I would have ever thought I would. As a kid growing up listening to this old man’s stories and sayings, you sort of tuned them out after awhile.

My miss my grand father and all of his stories, from “back in the day” he was something. He was in the Navy back in WWII and could swear better than any 15 year old ever could. The only word that my grand mother insisted that he didn’t use was fuck. But he was known to let the “F Bomb” fly whenever he thought that his beloved bride was out of ear shot. I only heard my grandmother swear one time in all the time that I spent with them. She dropped the pot roast as she was trying to get it out of the oven and I swear the sweet old lady said Shit, but no one had the balls to call her on it. It’s still a great story to tell when we get to talking about our late grandparents. God rest their souls!




There are so many birthdays in the months of September and October in my close circle of friends and in my ever growing large and extended family. The Libras I can pretty well get along with, the true Libras anyway, but those fucking Virgos are just not the type of people that I really want to spend any amount of time with. Makes it a real challenge at family dinners at times. I’m grateful that the election will be over and done with by the time the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are here. There have been some pretty heated discussions at most of the family get-to-gethers these past several months. These assholes get all uptight and out of control, just fucking nuts it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all into the Zodiac signs, but there is a certain amount of that shit that just really fits to a tee, enough to make most people scratch their heads with wonder. My sister-in-law turns 36 today, September 17th and she is a total Virgo through and through which explains why I don’t go over to my brother’s house very often. We have never gotten along since day one and for no one particular reason. We just don’t mesh, simple as that.



Mother’s Day Ritual

Every year my whole family goes to church together on Mother’s Day and then we all gather at her house for a big dinner. That is important to her and that is not too much to ask of your kids. So we do that and look forward to being together like back when we were kids. Each kid has his own place to sit at the dinner table – it is the same every year and never changes.

The dinner menu is the same every year, too. My mother loves Honeybaked hams, so we all pitch in and buy her a big ham, then each of us brings some side dishes and desserts. I plan on bringing macaroni and cheese for the side dish and a cherry pie for dessert.

Bike week in Daytona

I wish I was going to bike week this year. I have been before and had a fucking blast. I miss the biker bars and the constant sound of those hogs going down the road. The Iron Gate and the Dog House Saloon are two of my favorites. There is always something going on there, from bike shows and bikini contests, to charity events. These places are always jam packed and full of fun. The last time I went to bike week, I was single. Now that I have a girlfriend, I am sure it would be just as fun. I could enter the contests that require two people.

There is a hot dog joust. Well, really it is a catch kind of thing. The chick rides on the back of the bike and tries to catch the hot dog with her teeth as you ride under it. It is really funny. I know my girl would love to do the coleslaw wrestling as well. She is a lot of fun and down for just about anything. Maybe next year we will go, but if we are going to I guess I should start planning it now. The hotels are booked a year in advance for bike week. I had better get on it.