Vet Appointment Today

My two dogs have allergies and have a lot of trouble in the Spring. They get very red feet that seem to itch and bother them, so they are constantly licking their feet and chewing on them, which makes them even more red and irritated. They also sneeze a lot and have trouble with their ears. They shake their heads, making their ears flap back and forth. So with those symptoms it was pretty easy to realize that they have allergy issues.

So last month I took them to the vet and he gave them each an injection. He told me to bring them back in 30 days for another. So I made the appointment and we are going this afternoon. I know they will feel a lot better after the injection. Very glad that it seems to last an entire month, too. My allergy capsules only seem to last about 6 hours, so I take 3-4 every day. It would be nice to only have to deal with it once a month.