Such a waste

I think it is such a fucking waste the amount of money spent on political campaigns. It is really disgusting when there are people who are going hungry in our own country and the politicians spend so much money on a stupid campaign. if you want to impress me, donate ninety-nine percent of that money to feed the hungry here in America, then ask for my vote. The upper class rich should not be allowed to run for office, because they have no interest what so ever in doing anything real to help those who have less then they do. They care solely for themselves and the other one percent.

They pass laws that are not remotely what the people want, that benefit only them and no one else. If they had to live on social security, they wouldn’t threaten to take it away constantly. They don’t have to, because they made sure they didn’t have to. I believe that everyone of the politicians who voted for acts that were against the constitution should be charged with criminal violation of the constitution and jailed. They are no better than common criminals and deserve to be treated as such. I am tired of watching this country go down hill because of self serving politicians.