Racing friends

A couple of my friends starting racing cars a few years ago, and I thought it would be something they would attempt, and fail, then move back to the couch to simply watch on tv. Well I was wrong this time, they have stuck at – constatly trying to improve the cars, and trying to get in on every race that they qualify for. I am not sure they have won more than maybe 2 races – but they still are going at it will all their heart.

It seems that the time spend fixing up the cars and fine tuning the engines is where the real satisfaction is for these guys,. It’s almost as if winning the race doesn’t matter – it’s simply getting to the race with a car that starts and runs is the most important victory. Personally I do not understand fixing up a car as much as possible only to rag it out and have it dinged up on a track – but if that’s what gives them something to stay off the couch and actually doing something – well all the power to them. I’d wish them luck – but they don’t’ need luck to win, just the drive to keep on fixing.