Bike week in Daytona

I wish I was going to bike week this year. I have been before and had a fucking blast. I miss the biker bars and the constant sound of those hogs going down the road. The Iron Gate and the Dog House Saloon are two of my favorites. There is always something going on there, from bike shows and bikini contests, to charity events. These places are always jam packed and full of fun. The last time I went to bike week, I was single. Now that I have a girlfriend, I am sure it would be just as fun. I could enter the contests that require two people.

There is a hot dog joust. Well, really it is a catch kind of thing. The chick rides on the back of the bike and tries to catch the hot dog with her teeth as you ride under it. It is really funny. I know my girl would love to do the coleslaw wrestling as well. She is a lot of fun and down for just about anything. Maybe next year we will go, but if we are going to I guess I should start planning it now. The hotels are booked a year in advance for bike week. I had better get on it.