yahoo design good – info needs updates

I love the design of yahoo’s start page. There are many features that I use with the yahoo services, and the design of the front page let’s me get to the stuff I use most often quickly, but I have noticed some of the info needs to be updated.

I know yahoo has a lot going on, and it must be crazy trying to keep all the various departments abreast of each new development and changes, but there needs to be someone testing the end user experience more I think.

Recently I tried to install the yahoo toolbar on a friends system and had so much trouble trying to get a way to make the anti-spyware button appear so I could do a scan, that I ended up getting into yahoo answers, only to find that someone else had the same problem and it appears that the anti-spy button will not work currently with windows vista – this should have been noted on the yahoo toolbar download page, which has the spyware benefit listed as one of the top reasons for getting it.

I also found a link for the best date foods and another for successful first date tips. When I clicked the link I was brought to a yahoo video page and did not see the video that had anything to do with date foods, and the link for successful first date tips was a link to a search through yahoo – which isn’t bad, just not what I expected.