Love dolls or vaginas

It was brought up in conversation today about what men like to masturbate with more with a love dolls or a fake vagina. Several men said the vagina”s but then two said if they had the money they would get a love doll. I was so blown away with this that I had to ask my readers this question that are male what is it you like to masturbate with?

2 thoughts on “Love dolls or vaginas”

  1. Are you kidding me I love to use a Fleshlight not alove doll they suck for they are all to un realistic compaered to a hand masturbator.

  2. Well then Randy you need to stoop buying those cheap blow up dolls and get a Real Doll and try one of them bad ass girls out and see if your Fleshlight is even in the same ballpark as a real doll.

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