High Defintion or Blu ray movies

Alot has been said about the upcoming format battle and what will decide the winner of this grudge match. Well I decided to weigh in a the subject and hear is what I think. High Definition was the first to hit the market and besides the discs being called HD alot of other entertainment is being offered in high definition like televisions and radio. I think it is only a matter of time before we see a video player that play movies both formats and discs that can be played in either players but the fact remains you will never hear of blu ray radio or blu ray television which makes me think that everyone will have HD on thier minds when shopping for digital entertainment for years to come. And with the adult industry pushing the high definition format as the standard format of choice for the next generation of adult dvds. It is only a matter of time when just like the beta max format of before, the blu ray format will be just a thing in the past that we compare the next losing format to.

One thought on “High Defintion or Blu ray movies”

  1. Should be interesting to see if your prediction holds true or not but I bleieve that blu ray will win or atleast be able to compete until teh next gerneration of entertainment is here like videos on demand over the internet in high defenition. I believe that the next generation of televeisions will have hard drives and broadband ready plug ins that will allow you to store anything you download off the next internet.

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