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My friend Jessica recently launched a blog about sex toys called the sex toys weblog I was kind of interested in just what she had done with the blog and found that she is using a simple wordpress theme with no plug ins or widgets. I have sent her the same recommendations the same I am writing you readers here and that is you need to advertise your blog and there are a couple of places to get started first go to digg delicious feedburner and technorati for starters and start an account and cliam your blog. Once you have created an account at all these places take one of your stories and tag it. Depending on what your blog is about submit your website to appropiate DMOZ and Google catagory and if you want more expsoure cough up $300 dollars to be listed in the Yahoo directory. And ofcourse cover your topics daily the more you write the more search engines will like your web site even consider having guest authors if your not able to blog daily. Consider adding video and sound to your blog and submit it to podcasting directoires and video casting directories add videos to YouTube or Google video ofcourse Jessica can not do this because it is an adult website but if your not doing adult content then you have no worries about doing the following. And ofcourse be original and use big words just amek sure you spell them right.

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  1. Sounds like a great thing to do if you have a WordPress blog but I have a Movable Type blog and can not find any good bling for it do you have any reccomendations for a website that hasbling for my service?

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