Womens March Signs Were NOT Litter!

Have you seen the meme going around about how all those “nasty women” at the marches last weekend left piles of trash behind? That really pissed me off – it is not correct in the accusation and why the hell does anyone want to bash the women and suggest that the marches caused any trouble? Shame on the person who created that meme and shame on everyone who shares it and helps it spread. You can see the meme and the Snopes report on it here:

Women’s march meme

The Snopes report not entirely accurate, but it is an OK explanation. Any time you are going to gather a large crowd in DC and in most cities, you need a permit. Part of that process usually includes posting a bond and also paying fees for things like extra security, cleanup, parking, etc. Marchers were instructed as to where to leave their signs. The few trash receptacles along the major roads in DC are not meant to hold trash from major events like this. Most days they are filled with trash from just every day tourists.Event organizers pay for a cleanup detail to come pick it up. In DC, it is usually a great source of extra revenue for the National Parks Service.

In the case of the women’s march this past weekend, a faction of that group decided to leaved their posters along the sidewalk in front of the Trump hotel as a protest message. It was deliberate but was covered under the permitting for cleanup.
It wasn’t litter and trash just dropped where they stood like what happens during the 4th of July events or the inauguration. OMG looking at the national mall and sidewalks after those events are over is just totally disgusting. But when you have an impromptu memorial after a tragedy, like they did in Paris, where people bring cards, posters, candles and flowers and pile them in the street or in front of a building – no one calls that litter.

Cooking Up a Big Pot of Chili

Yesterday was all about cold weather, football, and yard work. I got the yard work out of the way early, threw some meet and tomatoes and spices into the crock pot to make chili, and then settled my fat ass on the couch for the football games.

One of my favorite comfort foods is chili and I like cooking up a big pot of chili on the weekends, with leftovers for a dinner and maybe a lunch later in the week. Chili is one of the things that tastes better the next day anyway. I have a lot of different recipes for chili, most of them change up according to the meat you use, and the other big variation is the kind of beans that you put in there.

This weekend I went for the big chunks of beef stew meat and added just red kidney beans to the chili. I like big chunks of stewed tomatoes and chopped onions in with the chunks of beef. But then I like to thicken the sauce with masa and have it be like a spicy gravy texture.

The other chili that I like is using ground beef, a can of RoTel and pinto beans. That makes a great chili, too. There are different flavors of RoTel – I like the one that says “chili ready.” That’s got some damn good spices in it already and I just add a little more heat to taste.

Chat Naked if you Dare

Last night I got online and found myself a chat room. It was amazing and I had a blast. I think the best part was when one lade suggested we all get naked and spend the rest of our chat time without any clothes. Everyone claimed to have done that – I sure did. If anyone lied about it and didn’t really get naked, then they just cheated themselves out of a fun time.

Most of the time when I chat online I expect everyone to be telling the truth, but deep down I know a certain percentage of them are not really being truthful. So I don’t get too involved or too upset with people over what they say in chat. If I took it too seriously, it would spoil the fun.

Actually did meet a lady in real life that I came across in chat. She does not live in this city, so I was not worried about things getting crazy. I had to go out of town for a weekend and I knew she lived there, so I asked her out for a drink. She agreed to meet me and we had a nice time. There was no really chemistry between and we didn’t exchange phone numbers or make a second date. I have to admit it was the first time I had ever met anyone from an online connection and I wanted to be cautious. I’m sure she felt the same way.

It was a good experience, even though it didn’t lead to anything more than a few drinks in a bar. At least I had some fun with a pretty lady while I was out of town, and it gave me the confidence to try it again sometime.


Shit Load Of Channels

Was looking for something to watch on the TV that would pull me out of this “after the holiday funk” that has been fucking with me this year, more than usual. It is becoming more and more of a challenge to find good quality comedy based TV shows, even having a decent satellite package that comes with a shit load of channels. I can’t imagine not having the Comedy Channel, sometimes that is all there is that isn’t all about crimes and violence or some type of horrible live changing event, least I forget – all the Reality Shows that have exploded all over the air waves. I love a good laugh so I was totally caught off guard when I stumbled onto a show that looked vaguely familiar, which turned out to be the new “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza” show that is now on GSN.

Back in October I was posting about how I missed the old Drew Carey show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and all of a sudden this show pops up. I thought that was pretty fucking cool. From what I understand the show premiered back in April, but I hadn’t heard a word about it until I stumbled onto by accident just a week or so ago.

Drew Carey is managing to bring together so many of the “favorite improv actors” such as Kathy Kinney, Ryan Stiles, Jeff Davis, Chip Esten, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie and Jonathan Mangum. I’m sure we will be seeing Wayne Brady, or at least I’m hoping we will, he was the best out of the whole lot of them.


The Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia Area

My next job interview is in downtown DC and I need a plan for getting around. Normally I would drive my own car and just find a parking garage near the building. But I’m going to fly up and I think I can get by without the hassle of renting and parking a car. The DC Metroliner has great, regular service all throughout the Northern Virginia/DC/Suburban Maryland area. So if I find a good map and book a hotel near a Metro line, I’ll skip getting a car this trip, that will save a butt load of money right there. I just hope the weather isn’t too shitty for those two days that I’ll be dealing with public transportation.

One of the areas that I would be interested in living is the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area. It is a vital, dynamic, exciting place to live and work. It is close to all types of bodies of water, beautiful beaches and the Blue Ridge Mountains are fucking magnificent. There was a recent survey that states this area is the hottest area for young, affluent singles. So I decided to try a Maryland chat site and see if there was anyone interesting to talk to, and perhaps meet when I go for my job interview in Rockville, Maryland next week. Wish me luck, this could be just what I’ve been looking for.